ReSound TV Streamer 2

Resound TV Streamer 2

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Crystal Clear Sound!

Enjoy crystal clear sound from your TV with family and friends. The ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2 instantly converts wireless Resound hearing aids into headphones. The streamer connects with one simple click from a ReSound Remote Control 2, smartphone app, or push button. While streaming sound to both ears, it improves speech clarity so you can understand every word that's being said without raising volume or disturbing anyone nearby.

Slim and versatile, the TV Streamer 2 is easily to store and can be used with a conventional stereo or computer making it an essential part of every Resound hearing aid wearer's home entertainment system. 


  • Long-range streaming (up to 22 feet*)
  • Easy pairing and setup
  • No professional programming required 
  • Original ReSound product in manufacturer-sealed packaging 

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