Phonak TV Connetor for Marvel and B-Direct Hearing Aids

Phonak TV Connector

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Top Rated Sound Quality! Phonak TV Connector for Marvel 

The Phonak TV Connector connects wireless Phonak hearing aids to a TV or other entertainment/communication devices. Easy to setup and use, the Phonak TV Connector will stream sound directly to Phonak Audéo Marvel and Audéo B-Direct hearing aids without disturbing family or loved ones nearby. 


Phonak TV Connector Features:

  • Discreet design 
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Sends signals up to 15m (50ft.)
  • No professional programming required 
  • Compatible with Phonak Marvel and B-Direct hearing aids
  • Genuine Phonak product in original manufacturer packaging
  • Includes analog 3.5 mm audio cable, micro-USB cable, Optical (TOSLINK) audio cable, power supply and user guide 

Phonak TV Connector User Guide:

Link to user guide



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