Signia StreamLine TV

Signia StreamLine TV

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Signia StreamLine TV - Superb Sound!

The Signia StreamLine TV is designed to stream the television in Dolby Digital stereo quality to Signia Primax and Nx model hearing aids via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low energy. Users can enjoy all the advantages of our leading High Definition binaural platform as well as hear high-quality soundtrack of their favorite film or TV program streamed directly to their hearing aids.

Signia StreamLine TV Features:

  • Supports Dolby Digital sound
  • Streams to multiple sets of hearing aids
  • Direct streaming up to a distance of 10m
  • Automatic pairing and set-up (video below)
  • No professional programming required
  • Compatible with Signia Primax and Nx models 
  • Optical input and output
  • Easy remote control via App

Signia StreamLine TV Pairing Videos:


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