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Phonak Vented Dome 4.0 M

by Phonak
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The Phonak Vented Dome 4.0 M is a disposable medical-grade silicone covering that protects your hearing aid from wax, moisture, and debris. Phonak Vented 4.0 M domes are suitable for small, medium, or large size ear canals.

Phonak SDS 4.0 Vented Domes feature a new and improved build-profile which help keep the dome piece comfortable and appropriately seated in your ear canal throughout the day. The balloon shaped vented dome's encourages an airtight seal widening your hearing aid's acoustic range and allowing unwanted sounds to escape through tiny vent openings that will not bend or collapse when inserted into the ear. 

Phonak SDS 4.0 Domes effortlessly attach to Phonak Marvel, Paradise, and Kirkland RIC hearing aids. Maximize hearing aid sound quality and speech clarity by replacing domes along with CeruShield Disk Wax Filters monthly, or when your hearing aid is blocked and stops working.   

  • Robust and reliable design
  • Effortlessly attaches to hearing aid
  • Will not bend, collapse, or tear
  • Total of 10 medium Phonak vented domes per pack
  • Compatible with Marvel, Paradise, and Kirkland RIC hearing aids
  • Original Phonak product in manufacturer-sealed packaging
  • Product code: 054-0810