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CeruShield™ Disk Wax Filters

by Phonak

CeruShield Disk replacement wax filters guard your hearing aid from becoming blocked by moisture, wax, or debris. CeruShield Disk wax filters are approximately 2mm deep, 2mm wide and are designed specifically for SDS 4.0 hearing aid speakers. Replace CeruShield Disk wax filters by rotating the disk and inserting your hearing aid speaker into the appropriate opening when removing or attaching a wax filter to your device. 

The CeruShield Disk wax guards are compatible with Phonak Marvel, Paradise and Kirkland KS 9.0 RIC hearing aids. Each CeruShield Disk contains 8 wax filters which are replaced along with Phonak Marvel, Paradise, and KS 9.0 Domes monthly, or when your hearing aid is blocked and stops working. 

Product code: 098-0445

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