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Signia Inductive Charger

by Signia

Recharge Ability!

The Signia Inductive Charger is a sleek and compact hearing aid re-charger for Signia / Siemens Pure and Motion Charge&Go, CROS, Cellion and Rexton Stellar Li hearing aids. After a full charge, the hearing aids deliver 24 hours of continuous power with unlimited Bluetooth streaming.
The Signia Inductive Charger's LED indicators display the status of both hearing aid's power cells. During the charging cycles, the charger also dehumidifies the hearing devices for better care and longer service life. The Inductive Charger can also be combined with the Signia Smart Dryer Li-ion to create a 3-in-1 device that charges, dehumidifies, and cleans your hearing aids at the same time.  


Instruction Manual:

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Instructional Videos: