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Starkey Custom Microphone Covers - Small Pink/Light Brown

by Starkey
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The Starkey Custom Microphone Covers are small disposable hearing aid filters that prevent moisture or debris from accumulating and damaging your hearing aid's microphones. Featuring HydraShield technology, the custom microphone covers effortlessly repel earwax, sweat and other oily substances without compromising performance while offering longer times between filter replacements. 

For optimal sound quality and hearing aid lifespan, replace Starkey Custom Microphone Covers every month along with Starkey HearClear Wax Guards, or when your hearing aid is blocked and has stopped working.  

  • 4 small pink/light brown Starkey custom microphone covers per tube vile 
  • Original Starkey product in manufacturer-sealed packaging
  • Product code: 52963-023