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Starkey Comfort Bud Occluded 7mm

by Starkey
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The Starkey Comfort Bud Occluded 7mm dome is a uniquely contoured rubber ear-tip that protects your hearing aid while keeping it secure and conformed to your ear. Starkey's Occluded Comfort Buds are designed to extend your hearing aid's acoustic range, and feature a specialized holding ring to achieve a consistent fit with each insertion. Starkey Comfort Bud Occluded 7mm domes are suitable for small, medium, or large size ear canals.

Starkey Comfort Buds easily attach to Starkey Livio and Livio AI RIC hearing aids, and stay firmly retained to prevent decoupling during insertion and removal. Ensure the best sound quality from your devices by replacing Starkey Comfort Buds along with Starkey HearClear Wax Guards monthly, or when your hearing aid is clogged and stops working. 

  • Firmly attaches to hearing aid
  • Reduces itchiness and sore spots
  • Resists bends or folding
  • 10 Starkey 7mm occluded comfort domes per pack  
  • Original Starkey product in manufacturer-sealed packaging
  • Product code: 53271-0031