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Sennheiser TVS 200

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For shared television watching spaces like family rooms and bedrooms, the Sennheiser TVS 200 personalizes listening levels with advanced speech clarity to boost the dialogue normally buried in news programs, sports, and movies. Its true wireless design brings a cable-free fit for extended listening without feeling bulky or cumbersome. It comes with a compact “set and forget” transmitter for effortless connection to virtually any TV, while also offering the convenience of connecting to tablets and smartphones using Bluetooth®.

TVS 200 lets wearers maintain ambient awareness, link multiple earbud sets to one transmitter, and can even charge the earbuds wirelessly for up to 15 hours of continuous listening per charge. The earbud charging dock doubles as a compact carrying case that stores an extra 1.5 charges for use on the go. A companion app offers further customization and visual feedback from an Android smartphone, iPhone, or tablet.

  • Easy to connect with any Bluetooth device
  • Comfortable fit for long sessions
  • Includes 5 different speech clarity levels for crystal-clear TV dialog
  • Includes a “set and forget” transmitter
  • Can charge earbuds wirelessly for 15 hours
  • Companion app is available for Android Smartphone, iPhone and tablet for customizations.
  • Includes 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Original Sennhesier product in  manufacturer-sealed packaging
  • Product code: 119-9017-P610