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FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA phone 1-888-576-7895

Oticon miniFit Ear Grips (85)

by miniFit


Ear-Gripping Stability.  

Oticon miniFit Ear Grips (85) are soft-plastic wires which keep Oticon hearing aids snug, and secured to your ear. When attached, ear grip's gently bend into the outer ear creating a spring retention that stops hearing aids from coming loose, or accidentally falling off. 

The Oticon miniFit Ear Grips can be modified to fit the shape of your ear and offer peace of mind knowing your hearing aids will remain discreet, and appropriately positioned throughout the day. For maximum comfort, retention, and speech clarity, replace miniFit Ear Grips along with Oticon Domes, and Oticon ProWax miniFit Filters monthly, or when the ear grip's discolour and become frail. 

Total of 10 ear grips per package.