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Oticon Grip Tip - Left Large Vent Small

by miniFit
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The Oticon miniFit Grip Tips are an ultra-soft and flexible rubber mould-like alternative to miniFit domes. Oticon Grip Tip Large Vent domes create an airtight seal in your ear and provide a natural environmental sound awareness. Small Oticon Grip Tip domes attach to Oticon RITE hearing aids (excluding power), and feature a gradual bend that allows the dome piece to fit comfortably into most narrow to medium size ear canals.  

Manufactured using medical-grade silicone material, the Oticon Grip Tips are a premium category of domes proven to outlast their traditional counterparts. Grip Tips will not tear or lose shape over time and are highly considered for extended hearing aid use, when a traditional dome is no longer accepted, or in preparation of a custom mould. The Oticon Grip Tip's natural ear-canal shape and tacky surface texture help prevent slippage and ensure your hearing aid stays snug and secure throughout the day. 

  • Instant mould-like fit
  • Alternative to miniFit domes
  • Attaches easily to Oticon RITE hearing aids (excluding power)
  • Natural ear-canal shape ensures comfortably
  • Will not bend or tear over time
  • Tacky surface texture prevents slippage
  • Original Oticon product in manufacturer-sealed packaging 
  • 2 left large vent small Oticon miniFit Grip Tips in a pack
  • Product code: 153923