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Starkey Remote Control

by Starkey
Original price $159.99 - Original price $159.99
Original price
$159.99 - $159.99
Current price $159.99

Control from your Pocket or Purse.

The all-new Starkey Remote Control adjusts basic features on your wireless Starkey hearing aids. With the Starkey Remote Control, changes to your hearing aid can be made discreetly from your palm, pocket, or purse without being noticed by anyone nearby.

The Starkey Remote Control is compatible with Livio, Livio AI, and Livio Edge AI hearing aids and is designed with smartphone averse users in mind. Activate a Starkey TV Streamer, adjust hearing aid volume, program, and mute functions, or simply connect to your favourite wireless audio devices in one effortless click. 


  • Slim, pocket-size design
  • Bright left and right side LCD indicator
  • Built-in battery with extended lifespan
  • Simple pairing and setup
  • No professional programming required
  • Compatible with Starkey Livio, and Livio AI model hearing aids
  • Includes 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Original Starkey product in manufacturer-sealed packaging