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Signia Styletto Charger

by Signia
Original price $139.99 - Original price $139.99
Original price
$139.99 - $139.99
Current price $139.99

The pocket-size Signia Styletto Charger offers Signia Styletto and Rexton M-Core  hearing aid users complete independence and mobility with lithium-ion rechargeable technology. Stylish and high-tech, the Styletto hearing aid charger ensures users can perform each and every day without the need to carry, or frequently replace batteries.

The Styletto Charger will fully power Signia's lithium-ion Styletto hearing aids in three short hours. The charging process begins once the devices are placed inside the charging slots. The charger will also store up to three reliable charges for occasions where no power source is available such as short travel, or a relaxing weekend getaway. Use the fast charging option when short on time for a quick 30-min charge to equip the Styletto devices with 5-hours of usage time. 

  • Includes 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Compatible with Signia Styletto and Rexton M-Core models
  • Original Signia product in manufacturer-sealed packaging

*Hearing aids not included