Oticon ProWax Guards

Oticon ProWax Guards

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The ProWax is a shallower version of the NoWax used a lot with Oticon and Bernafon hearing aids. The ProWax has a finer filter than the NoWax and has the benefit of being nano coated with moisture repellency.

Oticon ProWax also is seen on RITE / miniRITE receiver wires with S and M power levels, Power Moulds and with Intiga i and Intiga IIC. (RITE and miniRITE P receiver wires and Micro Moulds use Cerustops).

Oticon ProWax is also used across the new Inium range of hearing aids, Alta, Nera and Ria (ITE, ITC, CIC, Flex Mould, miniFit Lite and Micro Moulds).

Oticon NoWax is approx 2mm deep, 2mm diameter with a dark grey ‘turtle’ and blue handles, Oticon ProWax is approx 1mm deep, 2mm diameter with a dark grey ‘turtle’ and light grey handles, Oticon ProWax miniFit is approx 1mm deep, 1mm diameter with a dark grey ‘turtle’ and black handles.

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