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Dry & Store DryKlean UV

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Moisture is the enemy for all types of small electronic devices, and DryKlean UV is a great companion to take care of that concern. DryKlean UV provides a combination of drying, small size, and affordability. DryKlean UV uses convection heating for a gentle drying cycle that pulls moisture away from the hearing product and carries it out through the holes in the lid.

  • Five-minute UV-C cycle
  • Four-hour drying cycle
  • Compact size easily fits on a nightstand, desk, or countertop
  • Interior dimension is large enough to accommodate two hearing devices
  • Small enough to easily accompany you while travelling
  • Weight: 3.3 ounces 
Warranty: 2 years
    NEVER open the drying compartment while the UV-C light is on. Looking at the UV-C light with the naked eye may cause severe burns to the eye.