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Oticon ProWax miniFit Filters

by Oticon

Oticon ProWax miniFit Filters

Oticon ProWax miniFit wax filters are suitable for Oticon's latest range of miniFit RITE receivers and custom hearing aids. These Oticon miniFit wax filters can be found on Oticon Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 RITE hearing aids, and OPN, OPN S, Siya 1 and Siya 2 miniRITE and custom hearing aids. Contact us or speak to your hearing care professional to learn which hearing aid wax guard is appropriate for you.  


Oticon ProWax miniFit Filter Dimension:

The Oticon miniFit filter is approx 1mm deep, 1mm diameter with a dark grey ‘turtle’ and black handles. 6 filters per pack. 


 How to Change an Oticon ProWax miniFit Filter: