Oticon TV Adapter 3.0

Oticon TV Adapter 3.0

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Stream TV to Hearing Aids

The Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 enables Oticon hearing aid users to hear sounds from a TV, home theatre system, radio or other electronic audio sources (mp3, blureay). Sounds are heard at a comfortable level directly in the hearing aids without disturbing family or loved ones nearby.


Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 features:

  • Slim and discreet design 
  • Connects to multiple hearing aids at the same time
  • Easy pairing and set-up (video below)
  • No professional programming required  
  • Compatible with Oticon OPN, OPN S, Siya 1, or Siya 2 models
  • New genuine Oticon product in original manufacturer packaging
  • Includes power supply, TOSLINK optical cable 2.0 metres, SCART to RCA converter, RCA to RCA stereo cable, minijack 3.5mm to RCA converter

Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 Pairing Manuals:

Link to instruction manual

Link to technical data sheet

Instructional Videos:


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